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Better Pharma Processes provides process chemistry consulting and training




Every project or problem presents unique challenges.
We work with you to identify innovative solutions.

You can specify the turn-around time, level of access, desired detail and scope of the solution, and mode(s) of communication.

For example:

  • Turn-around times from three days to several months
  • Access to information via an individual or a team from your organization 
  • Solutions detailed in a few (< 5) pages with leading references or in a report with full documentation
  • Scope limited to the process chemistry or expanded to address project management, analytical, and/or safety issues    
  • Confidential communication online, via teleconferencing, or face-to-face


We offer courses designed to meet the needs of your organization.

You can specify the course content, length, number of participants, and materials provided.

Examples of course content:

  • Fundamentals of organic chemistry for non-chemists
  • Overview of current knowledge (e.g., organotransition metal methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing)
  • Focused presentation on a single synthetic transformation (Paal-Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis)
  • Focused presentation on a specific compound (e.g., Abilify®) or class of compounds (e.g., atypical antipsychotics)

The course length can be a single day or multiple days.

Any size class size can be accommodated (small = 3 – 10 participants, large = 200 participants).  

The course materials provided can be hard copies of the slides, electronic copies of the slides, and/or a textbook.


We produce current reviews of the process chemistry of targets or topics of interest to your organization.

Eight fully documented reviews of the process chemistry of the top-selling drugs are available in our book. Ten new reviews are currently in production. A process chemistry review can be commissioned on any target or topic of interest to your organization. You can specify the level of documentation and the turn-around time.


Prepared opinions on patented technology.